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Nous connaissons la peinture

Bienvenue chez WoodPlus Coatings Group, un important fabricant canadien de revêtements de bois de haute qualité et à faible teneur en COV pour les applications extérieures et intérieures.


Kevin Mcgeown of Woodplus Coatings has been an invaluable partner of Timber Block Engineered Homes for almost 20 years.  Kevin’s extensive industry experience and comprehension of the chemistry of coatings and their compatibility with a multitude of building materials has enabled our company to offer ever-increasing warranty coverage to our Customers. He’s worked closely with our in-house team to help develop a new coating process for our exterior siding that allows us to warranty our exterior finish for 15 years.  Additionally, he’s always made himself personally available to Customers who’ve had unique questions that my team might not be able to answer as skillfully as he can.  He’s a solutions based leader that I’m happy to refer to as a business partner; as opposed to simply a supplier of our coatings.

Timber Block - Greg Bruce


Ultra 10

Ultra 10
Dec101 paint can

Deck 101

Special UV_edited.png

Spécial UV

EXOTIC 201_edited.png


microsheiled can transparent .png

Micro Shield

Opaque 20

Varnishing the Deck
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